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TruContact Caller Identification

Display caller names with greater accuracy using authoritative data that informs the recipient who’s calling.

Powered by Neustar®

identity proof

Accurate Caller ID hinges on efficiently managing numbers and names so that calls can be trusted

Product Capabilities

Extensive data sources

We manage caller ID across 800 carriers, earning the trust of thousands of enterprises in financial services, government, healthcare and insurance.

Continuously updated data

Keep pace with 45 million subscribers changing their phone numbers and 2 million changing their names each year.

Largest Line Information Database (LIDB) in North America

Operating the biggest neutral and independent line information database in North America, processing 11 billion queries monthly with 99.999% uptime.


What’s in a Calling Name?

Caller ID helps CSPs give subscribers a more robust and valuable communications experience. Learn how:

  • The history of  Caller ID
  • How quality Caller ID is a differentiater
  • Why data impacts the phone experience
  • How enhanced Caller ID is the future

Display the right name with TruContact Caller Identification