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TruContact Policy Manager

Manage call policies, rules and preferences at the network, enterprise, and/or subscriber level for all of your Trusted Call Solutions — to accelerate compliance and customize the call experience.

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identity proof

Work seamlessly with TruContact™ Trusted Call Solutions by providing users an easy way to assign and manage customized call policies and preferences through a secured, cloud-based interface.

Product Capabilities

Quickly customizable

Personalize policies and call treatment with criteria that includes Telephone Number validation, STIR/SHAKEN attestation level assignment, digital certificate receipt and threshold rating.

Cloud-based Interface and standards-based APIs

Reduce the need for custom integrations and costly IT resources. Simplify, speed and streamline implementation.

Dynamic, scalable workflow

Supports market, regulatory and business requirements with dynamic workflow as industry and customer needs evolve.

Simple implementation

Reduce the need for custom integrations and costly IT resources with easy-to-use GUI and standards-based APIs.


Top 7 Myths About Policy Manager

Learn why they’re false, and how users can assign and apply rules, policies and preferences at the:

  • Network level
  • Enterprise level
  • Subscriber levels

Tailor call preferences with TruContact Policy Manager