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TruContact Robocall Mitigation

Identify unauthorized and suspicious use of phone numbers, and detect anomalies in calling patterns to flag or block robocalls.

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identity proof

Helping Communications Service Providers (CSPs) combine numbering expertise with behavioral analytics to protect consumers and ensure legitimate calls get through

Authoritative data

Robust and actionable data integrates a broad range of sources to identify the risk of a phone number or calculate a fraud score.

Advanced fraud detection

Use behavior analysis and tracking of abnormal and unexpected calling patterns to detect high-volume robocalling, spoofing and suspicious call activity.

Real time alerts

Get notifications about phone numbers originating from suspected illegal robocalls, including from unassigned, inactive and Do Not Originate (DNO) numbers.

Call blocking and support

Identify invalid, unallocated and unassigned numbers to know which calls to stop, block or tag as spam.

Web-based dashboard

Access near real-time service metrics and analytics.

Real time alerts

Define caller name override policies based on the company’s regulations and requirements.

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White Paper

Global Robocalling: Learnings from the US

Get an update on global robocalling and lessons learned from the US when it comes to call authentication. Learn:

  • How fraud reduces confidence in the phone
  • The potential losses in fraud due to robocalls
  • How robocalls negatively impact brands
  • Frameworks to support call authentication globally

Protect subscribers with TruContact Robocall Mitigation