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Device Risk

Prevent fraud through device and user behavior intelligence.

Device Risk Features

Here’s what you can do with Device Risk.

Discern between risky transactions and trusted digital connections using our powerful device intelligence technology. Device risk leverages device history, user behavior insights and device-to-device and device-to-account associations based on more than 80 million confirmed fraud reports from our global network.

Gain real-time risk insights

Capture device and user behavior insights in real time – based on our platform’s knowledge of billions of devices and transactions – to identify risk and reduce false positives.

Detect botnets

Fend off botnet attacks using a risk score based on observed behavior and history of frequency, severity and confirmed fraud attacks.

Improve customer experience

Decrease cart abandonment, streamline applications and confidently onboard new customers with low-risk devices and behaviors.

Spot device and account linkages

Reveal hidden connections across subscribers and industries by identifying risky devices, suspicious accounts and fraud ring associations before they damage your business.

Detect evasion

Identify devices hiding behind anonymizing technology, such as proxy servers, TOR networks and mobile emulators.

Customize to your business

Fight account takeover, synthetic identity fraud, promotion abuse and other fraud using tailored fraud prevention solutions and more than 55 industry-specific fraud reports.